Prefer long or short?
jeudi 20 octobre 2016

By our grooming experts Ibe and Oana

Summer is over and temperatures drop again. The warm bed is centrally placed in the house and your dog's hair may grow a little longer. One tend to presume it's better to have a short haircut in the summer: would we love to exercise in a fur coat at 27 degrees?

Nothing is less true.

Your angel's coat provides relief and ventilation during hot days.

Think of it as the insulation of your home. This keeps the heat out in summer and protect against the cold during winter. Your dog's fur does the same.

The dog coat has several layers and these are essential to his / her well-being.

The plunder of this natural cooling system can cause discomfort and overheating. The fur of your dog also prevents from heat stroke and helps protect from skin cancer.

So what to do?

It's okay to decide for a summer haircut: the undercoat is thinned which promotes air circulation and blood circulation and also here and there shorter than normal makes it easier to maintain and keep the beach outdoors.

But definitely do not shave short let alone take up the scissors yourself.

During the cold winter months grooming is even more important.

Thick undercoat mats faster in some breeds. Aside of the itchy and sometimes painful feeling of the node, blood circulation of the skin is hindered at the height of the knot.

Mud and snow can create solid tangles between the toes.

Your dog also runs less outside, nails wear less and have to be trimmed regularly.

Only the rain would keep you home from the groomer but a soft fresh blissful teddy bear to hug, is more than worth it.



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