Is my dog too fat?
Monday 7 November 2016

If your dog seems to be rather "cozy Burgundian ', it's time to check the weight of your pet.

It is not easy to do this, especially since we controle it ourselves.

If your angel could decide, they would keep on eating. But with adverse effects on joints, kidneys and general health.

But when do you know if your dog is overweight?

One simple test: the ribs of your dog.

You must feel them with the flat hand but can not see them. If you don’t feel them easily or at all: time for action.

Also consider looking at your dog from the side: the belly slightly raised is ok.

Less or no waist and even a dragging belly (Dachshunds) not ok.

What to do next?

It's a bit like us: fewer calories

Check the food and cookies.

Switch to a diet with fewer calories and more fiber. Want to lose weight? Choose chicken and no salmon. This also applies to your dog. Fibers provide a more 'full' feeling and less hunger.

The chances are quite high that the food is rejected (fries still taste better than salad).

Persevere! A dog has no problem to be without food for a few days and instinctively will start eating after a few days.

If this seems too cruel: mix with the old food. You already decreases the portion and thus the calories.

Lower or eliminate the cookies. Otherwise, turn to a low-calorie version.

Increase daily exercise

Increase your dog's daily exercise.

Take your dog for long walks. After a few weeks you will notice the difference - and you too.

Play more games: fetch, tug or run after each other around the table. The more exercise, the better.

Give your dog’s new diet some time

You have to wait a few weeks to evaluate whether it works. Weigh your dog regularly to follow up.

Just use the scale at home- quick and easy.

First weigh yourself. Then with your dog in your arms. The difference is the weight of the dog.

Hold on

Many dogs know exactly how to beg and give you a sad look.

Know that your dog is not hungry but knows perfectly how to manipulate in order to make it look like this anyway.

Hold on: you get a fitter dog and owner.

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