CHEW - Dog's paradise?


From a passion and love for dogs, CHEW- Canine Health & Wellness is founded with one mission: to make your best buddy live longer and happier.

Your dog is family. We get it!
We’re not just another pet store. We’re Europe's first preventive care initiative, committed to make happier, healthier dogs.

Years ago, Victor, a sweet chocolate Labrador, was Caroline's soulmate.

Victor wasn’t just a pet; he was family.

This furry family member had an awesome life. But if he could have lived somewhat longer...

For her love of dogs, with her background as a vet, working in the healthcare business with focus on prevention, she decided to make all these Victors in the world live longer and happier.

Meanwhile CHEW became a real dog paradise where we throw a party every day.

In our store you not only get a bunch of advice but you can also find the most unique items for your angel.

Furthermore, a grooming team is ready to spoil your angel and once home you can enjoy a lot more in our webshop.


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